Friday, April 23, 2010

The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is a movie based on the novel The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold. The movie was directed by Peter Jackson. Jackson toned the movie down so that it could be viewed by young adults. This movie is not for the weak hearted. Suzie Salmon is a 12 year old girl who was murdered. This movie shows the struggle a family will go through losing a loved one. The parents are dealing with losing a child in different ways. The father becomes obsessed and the mother becomes withdrawn. Suzie was a happy loving child, who loved photography and imagined herself growing up and becoming a wildlife photographer one day. The characters lived in the 1970's where people did not make child abduction and abuse public knowledge. People still lived in their perfect little bubbles where nothing bad ever happened to children. Suzie's little brother Buckley would tell their father that he could sometimes see Suzie and he knew she was still watching. After Suzie was murdered she was stuck in the in-between. In the in between Suzie could see her family and she tried to communicate with her father. Her murderer Mr. Harvey was a sick twisted man. The movie did not show that Suzie was raped and murdered, but in the book the author made it known that Mr. Harvey was a sexual predator. In the in between Suzie met a little girl Holly who was about Suzie's age. It later showed all of Mr. Harvey's victims in the in-between with Suzie . The victims were finally going to heaven.

Sigmund Freud would of had a field day with George Harvey. All of Harvey's victims were young girls. Harvey would be working on a doll house and you could hear Suzie's voice in his head saying " mom ,dad look at me, look at me, look at me" and that is when he flipped. Harvey had well drawn out plans for the shelter he was going to build to lure Suzie into. I believe Freud would of said that Mr. Harvey had mother issues and this was linked to his sexual desire and this is why he had the urge to harm women. In Freud's model for the concept of personality there is the superego where the conscience is. It is said that conscience develops that a child has a sense of right or wrong.It is as if Mr. Harvey's super ego did not develop consciences. He has no morals and felt no guilt or remorse for what he had done to those people. You could see the pride he felt in what he had done,the control he felt he had. Mr. Harvey kept a scrap book of news articles about Suzie's disappearance and kept an object that Suzie had in her possession when she died.

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